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CISAA SL Level 2 - Single Crs, Combined
CAN - ON - Devils Glen
1/31/2018 10:15 AM

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             CISAA SL Level 2 31 January, 2018                  Page 2 
Bib Name Team Class 
183 Adam Smitiuch M SMCS SM 
184 Emilio Fernandez M PC SM 
185 Cristian Cicardo M LCS SM 
186 Alessandro Liberona M DLS SM 
187 Eugenio Rivera-Munoz M SAC SM 
188 Zach Halpern M GCS SM 
189 Marlon Kaindl M TCS SM 
190 Alek Boijosly M LCS SM 
191 Alan Mao M PC SM 
192 Dante Di Biase M DLS SM 
193 Jeronimo Cuevas M SAC SM 
194 Sal Crisanti M SMCS SM 
195 Will Porter M PC SM 
196 Santiago Madrazo M SAC SM 
197 Andrius Kisonas M SMCS SM 
198 Alan Merik M LCS SM 
200 Montana Danis F GCS OF 
201 Tessa Benson F BSS OF 
202 Lauren Chan F DLS OF 
203 Kate Masliwec F HSC OF 
204 Averil Gougeon F LCS OF 
205 Emily Gregatto F PC OF 
206 Grace Hodges F TCS OF 
207 Cate Ploughman F BH OF 
208 Ella Braun F HC OF 
209 Chloe Armstrong F SCS OF 
210 Maddy Gerstein F BH OF 
211 Natalie Lane F TCS OF 
212 Sara Warner F GCS OF 
213 Chelsea Atkinson F BSS OF 
214 Adelle Dubczak F SCS OF 
215 Tiffany Cirillo F HC OF 
216 Siena Ling F DLS OF 
217 Avery Webber F HSC OF 
218 Alexandra Wexler F LCS OF 
219 Grace Raymond F BSS OF 
220 Gigi Ward F BH OF 
221 Jessica Black F DLS OF 
222 Mackenzie Balan F GCS OF 
223 Madeleine Kindbom F SCS OF 
224 Darby Blackwell F HC OF 
225 Sarah McKenzie F TCS OF 
226 Sydney Russell F GCS OF 
227 Tiffany Boughner F HC OF 
228 Elise Kieffer F DLS OF 
229 Sophie vonTeichman F BSS OF 
230 Willa Cuthbertson F BH OF 
231 Charlotte Reed F SCS OF 
232 Morena Di Battista F DLS OF 
233 Annie Leishman F GCS OF 
234 Avery Burnham F BH OF 
235 Hailey Rockandel F HC OF 
236 Steffi Ralph F BSS OF 
237 Isabella Festa-Bianchet F SCS OF 
238 Sam Marley F HC OF 
239 Marley Contantin F SCS OF 
240 Chloe MacAleese F GCS OF 
241 Mary Campbell F BSS OF 
242 Annika Margie F HC OF 
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