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The ski race community is buzzing with talk about Live-Timing.com, and with good reason:

Everyone is watching! From coaches on the side of the race hill and resort TV systems, to parents stuck at the office.

If you have products or services for the ski race community you need to advertise with Live-Timing because it is your target market.

The exposure is huge. The numbers are staggering:
  • 10,500 races in a season
  • 340,000,000 page views
  • Over 3,200,000 sessions (visits)
  • As many as 400 races per day

Rates for 2018/2019 Season:

        Full Banners (top)
& Featured Banners (above)
        Button Ad (right)
Entire 2018/2019 Season
(Start of season until Oct 31st 2019)
5000      2500      
Dec 2018800      400      
Jan 20191600      800      
Feb 20191600      800      
Mar 20192000      1000      
Apr 201911200      600      
1 All April advertisers will remain up through the summer until Oct 31st 2019
  • Banners/Ads must be supplied by the advertiser in the sizes specified. Any image format is acceptable including animated gif files. The file size should be as small as possible.
  • All Button Ads will appear on every page, the order they appear is changed randomly every minute.
  • There are only two Full Banners positions and two Featured Banner positions available.
  • Featured Banners have a premium location embedded inside the content of each page.
  • Terms are prepayment by Credit Card or Check.
  • Split Second, Inc. reserves the right to refuse advertising from anyone for any reason.

If you advertise in a magazine, your ad might be on page 129.

When you advertise on Live-Timing, your ad is on every page!

To advertise please contact:  Geoff Elder - Split Second Timing

Site Statistics

As an advertiser, you will be given full access to site statistics. But, to give an idea of how busy the site is, and how fast it's growing, following are some basics:

* "Hits" and "Page Views" are typically the numbers used to show web site popularity. This is often not a good indicator. But, if you want to compare hits and page views, in just the month of March 2018, Live-Timing.com had:

  • 61,000,000 Hits!
  • 50,000,000 Page Views!
During the busiest day the site had over 1,300,000 page views in an hour!

Sessions (sometimes called "Visits")
April 18227000 
March 18660000 
February 18693000 
January 18625000 
December 17268000 
November 17110000 
Season Total2.6 Million Sessions       4% increase from 16/17
April 17284000 
March 17595000 
February 17686000 
January 17620000 
December 16239000 
November 1657000 
Season Total2.5 Million Sessions       17% increase from 15/16
April 16211000 
March 16480000 
February 16545000 
January 16544000 
December 15244000 
November 1593000 
Season Total2.1 Million Sessions
Ave Length of Session: 20 minutes   (most web sites average just 7 minutes)

Races (NASTAR races shown in bright Green)
April 18350 /36 NASTAR 
March 181056 /415 NASTAR 
February 181737 /745 NASTAR 
January 181610 /1077 NASTAR 
December 17241 /328 NASTAR 
November 1729 /7 NASTAR 
Season Total7631 Races       4% decrease from 16/17
April 17336 /47 NASTAR 
March 17917 /559 NASTAR 
February 171605 /1204 NASTAR 
January 171513 /1187 NASTAR 
December 16247 /353 NASTAR 
November 1615 /2 NASTAR 
Season Total7985 Races       3% increase from 15/16
April 16258 /38 NASTAR 
March 16922 /479 NASTAR 
February 161793 /1132 NASTAR 
January 161900 /884 NASTAR 
December 15186 /102 NASTAR 
November 1529 /4 NASTAR 
Season Total7727 Races

To advertise please contact:  Geoff Elder - Split Second Timing

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