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2Nd Run List¹Run 1 Results Run 1 Condensed St
U-14 TRI COUNCIL SL - Slalom, Women
USA - VT - Okemo Mountain Resort
3/22/2021 9:15 AM

Penalty Report¹print

                        RACE RESULT TRANSMITTAL SHEET                          
Okemo Mountain Resort VT 
N1091 WOMEN Slalom March 22, 2021 
Please Check One Of The Following: Race Run Race Race 
As Scheduled Postponed/Canceled Changed 
______ ______ ______ 
The data shown above is based on the alpine schedule agreement for this race. 
The race name, sanction type and race code number can only be changed by USSA 
upon submission of a new schedule agreement. Changes of the organizer also 
require a new schedule agreement. Please contact the alpine technical office 
in Park City. 
Make any appropriate changes in date held, race location, sex and discipline 
held by crossing out the information shown and writing in the correct 
information in the changed race information below. 
All race results must be forwarded promptly with this form. Be sure that all 
changes from the original schedule agreement are shown below. This form must 
be returned for this race if this race is cancelled. Retain for later use 
only if this race has been postponed to a definite future date. 
Changed Race Info.: Date Event Held _____________ 
Location Event Held __________________________________ 
Sex Run In This Race ___ Discipline Of Race _________ 
Other _________________________________________________ 
(please use reverse if further explanation needed) 
This race was supervised by the following USSA member Officials and Coaches: 
Name USSA  
Referee blakely, Ben (USA) 6254397 *  
Chief of Race Bombardier, Alison (USA) 5694161 *  
Chief of Course harris, David (USA) 1323781 *  
Start Referee Gaedt, Louis (USA) 5117700 *  
Finish Referee Kimmerle, Kenneth () 6898637 
Course Setter Run 1 Robbins, Charles (USA) 5542196 *  
Course Setter Run 2 Sheredy, Ryan (USA) 5728639 *  
Race Administrator Friedlander, Eric (USA) 6970676 *  
Chief of T and C Kimmerle, Kenneth (USA) 6898637 *  
This race shall be valid for ussa points scoring as reported Y N 
(if No, please submit TD report) 
________________________________ 4867677 ___________ 
TD - Bailey, Jack (USA) NAT Date 
Person assembling results packet: Friedlander, Eric (Ph:  

¹ attached report
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