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Competitors by Club¹
CSRC U16-U21 NCD-OSZ GS CHAMPS - Giant Slalom, Ladies
3/26/2017 10:00 AM

Schedule of Events¹print

Schedule of Events   
U16 Giant Slalom Sunday, March 26  
Whistlin` Paddy  
Time Event Information  
7:30am - 8:30am Registration CSRC Clubhouse  
7:30AM First Run Set Hal Monkman  
8:15AM Jury Inspection Start Area  
8:30AM Athlete Warm-up Runs O`Brien`s Fancy  
8:45AM Coaches Meeting Bottom of Lakeview Chair  
9:00AM Course Opens for inspection  
9:15AM Access To Course Closes  
9:30AM Course Closed for inspection  
9:50AM Forerunners  
10:00AM First Run  
11:30AM Second Run Set Rebecca Nadler  
11:45AM Jury Inspection Start Area  
12:00PM Course Opens for inspection  
12:15AM Access To Course Closes  
12:30AM Course Closed for inspection  
12:50PM Forerunners  
1:00PM Second Run  
2:30PM Teardown  
3:30PM Awards Outside Main Lodge  

¹ attached report
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