Kyle Marr

"A couple interesting anecdotes about Live-Timing at the Whistler CupÖ
  1. Ontario parents had someone relaying times from their hotel room to them on the hill through a radio.
  2. There was a laptop in the finish area half way up the Dave Murray Downhill and the announcers were using live-timing to announce race times.
  3. I was showing racers / parents in the start hut the finish times of their sons / daughters / teammates using my blackberry.

  4. Add my name to the thank youís!!!"

Mike Maple

"There is little question in my mind that live access to races and race results via the Live Timing Web site is one of the most important innovations in decades for parents, fans, supporters and participants of ski racing. Many, many of my sonís friends and supporters access live results via the Live Timing Web site on a daily basis. Equally, many, many people access results from across the nation of our friends and peers competitions. The Live Timing web site is also routinely accessed by coaches, parents and supporters on the actual race hill as the best way to access detailed results as they are happening. Routinely being able to access intermediate reports is also a great tool that allows athletes and their supporters to measure success and development not just by overall results, but by splits. All this access to information makes it much easier and more rewarding to be a fan and supporter of ski racing."

Terri Palagi

"My son is currently down racing in Jackson and I was unable to attend. Because of your "live timing" I am still able to get in on the action! It is a wonderful product of opportunity and I truly appreciate being able to use it. Thank you so much!"

Al Whitney, C of Timing for The Canadian National Championships and Whistler Cup

"We have just had the 9 days of the Canadian National Championships with Split Second on system A and B, (for the second year) followed by the 3 days of Whistler Cup with Split Second on four systems as we run 2 races simultaneously (this for the 3rd year). No times were lost, no EETs, and despite cellular connectivity to the web, (Sierra Wireless Aircard) we were almost always live. When we did lose connectivity Split Second allows re-uploading of results so easily that it appears seemless. But the best is that, because we have made the move, we are getting support from many other Timing Teams across the west who come to learn, and to share their ideas and expertise. Split second has created a whole new buzz in the timing community. Not incidentally, race administrators love the integration of timing and results, and more and more the timing team and the race admin team become one team, there for the race."

Steve Hilts, Red Mountain Racers, Canada

"It is indeed impressive and exciting that Split Second [and Live-Timing.com] has grown in acceptance so quickly and has allowed us to add features to events to make them more exciting for racers and spectators (e.g. live timing on the web, live commentating on unofficial times and positions). My experience over the past two seasons of using SS has been that everyone who has approached a race with some skepticism or caution (e.g. TDs, race administrators asked to try something new) has embraced Split Second within days of becoming acquainted with it."

Jim Revkin, CT

"I just want to thank you for developing the Live-Timing Program to view races in real time. I fractured my fibula tripping in a start-house a month ago so can't drive or hike and watching the live-time results come through at my son's GMVS Super G race from my workstation down by the shoreline in Connecticut was just great.
Keep up the good work and hopefully more programs will take advantage of this resource. With best regards, Jim"

Fran Cuthbert, Whistler, BC

"Here at the Whistler Mountain Ski Club we just completed the 27 annual Bob Parsons Memorial Super G sponsored by CIBC (K2 and J1's).
What a joy it was to work in the race office as the race administrator, it was seamless. Gone are the days of 14 hours exhausting work. This timing/race program makes things effortless and in the end the volunteers and racers come out ahead.
We have an awesome volunteer, Julie Paul, who exports the files to produce results with logos on them and sheets for the scoreboard. How cool.
We realize that some clubs are not a fortunate as the W.M.S.C. with technology. By it very worthwhile to invest in Split Second and necessary timing equipment. It makes a race run so much smoother.
The program is not unstable, and saves the data every few seconds. The fact the program interfaces in a microsoft environment makes administration very simple.
It is about time a race program was user friendly and simplified the life of the race office.
Yeah Split Second!

Michele Witt, Titcomb Mountain, ME

"We are absolutely in heaven since discovering the Live-Timing site! All of the Middle Schools that we race against are all abuzz over it. Now no one needs to hang around to wait for results. They take their runs, then head home to check out the results on line. Now even the high school is asking me to post their results. I think everyone will be using it before long."

Dirk Gouwens, Executive Director, Ski Areas of New York, Inc.

"Live-Timing continues to get rave reviews from parents who's kids are in Whiteface races. We used it for our annual Hovey race Saturday. 284 racers, 2 runs each. The race finish was quite a ways up the hill so the only way to get there was on skis. Many parents don't ski so they were stuck in the base lodge. We connected a computer with a large monitor in the base lodge and they were able to "see" the race live. We had 30 people huddled around a monitor all day long. Amazing. Next time, I will connect a projector and put it up on the wall to make it easier to see."

John Jett, Telluride Ski Resort, CO

"Live-Timing ROCKS!!"

David Verdun, Lakewood, CO.

"Live-Timing posting on the internet is so cool it is beyond words to describe. Yesterday I wasn't able to be at Steamboat to watch my daughter race in the FIS trophy series GS. No problem though, I was able to monitor results via Live-Timing and felt like I was still a part of the race. In fact, I knew about her results and place prior to my wife who was there at the resort. Congratulations on bringing this innovation to the public."