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Official Results¹
Blast the Mass - Super D, Timing by CJ Timing
USA - CO - Mountain States Cup
8/5/2012 10:00 AM

Super D 2 Start List¹print

                               Mountain States Cup 4 
Blast the Mass Super D 2 Result Services by CJ Sports Timing 
Competitor List by Bib Number 
10:00:00 Pro/Open Men 
Bib Name Team Hometown 
1 Chris Boice Yeti Cycles National Team Albuquerque, NM 
8 Trevor Trinkino Yeti Fox Factory Evergreen, CO 
9 Mike West Yeti Cycles Boulder, CO 
10 Ross Milan Yeti Cycles National Team Arvada, CO 
11 Joey Schusler Yeti Fox Shox Factory Race Team Boulder, CO 
13 Teddy Benge Team Geronimo / Banshee Bikes Carbondale, CO 
508 Scott Spangler Heart and Soul Angel Fire Albuquerque, NM 
573 Alexander Bamberger Summit Velo/Santa Cruz Boulder, CO 
649 Flynn George Aspen Bike Rentals Aspen, CO 
10:05:00 Men 19-29 
Bib Name Team Hometown 
513 Layne Plummer Tucson, AZ 
514 Benjamin Turner Surprise, AZ 
530 Eric Wiener aCOS Avon, CO 
622 Jon Litton Golden, CO 
679 Kyle Fissel Grassroots Cycles / MRP White Bro Palisade, CO 
691 Ryan Beecher Divide, CO 
10:10:00 Men 30  
Bib Name Team Hometown 
506 Will Edgington DamnPhine Boulder, CO 
510 Gary Gibson Colorado Fitness Gunnison, CO 
518 Harinam Khalsa Arvada, CO 
520 Jimmy Rivera Colorado Springs, CO 
531 John Ensign Aloha Mountain Cyclery / Twenty6 Carbondale, CO 
555 Gary Bischoff Azonic/ODI/Kicker Durango, CO 
577 Travis Fahrney Progressive Trail Design Avon, CO 
598 Doug Strangfeld Mojo Wheels Parker, CO 
636 Joe Horwat Boulder Training Systems / Sports Boulder, CO 
647 Jacques Houot 2Old2Quit / Clif / CBS Carbondale, CO 
656 Kyle Sauder Four Mountain Sports Basalt, CO 
674 Jesse Ruland Grassroots Cycles Grand Junction, CO 
675 Tom Calvin Eagle, CO 
688 John Hartmann Carbondale, CO 
693 John Howe Endoholics Grand Junction, CO 
694 Jason Goff Epic Endurance Cycling Louisville, CO 
10:10:00 Pro/Open Women 
Bib Name Team Hometown 
19 Sarah Rawley Yeti/Pactimo Pro XC Golden, CO 
509 Elisa Otter Southern Express Multisport Racin Monpelier, VT 
515 Kim Godfrey Rocky Mounts/Demon Dirt/Optic Ner Louisville, CO 
578 Sara Fahrney Progressive Trail Design Avon, CO 
10:10:00 Women 19  
Bib Name Team Hometown 
699 Stephanie Smith Denver, CO 
701 Elena Forchielli Silverthorne, CO 
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