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Tahoe League Race Series - Single Crs, Combined
USA - CA - Alpine Meadows
1/29/2012 10:00 AM

StartList 11up Men¹print

                             START LIST  1/29/2012                        Page 1 
Tahoe League Alpine Meadows GS 
11 and Up Men 
January 29 2012 
Bib Name Class Team Gender 
865 Tyler Vaio B15andUP TDST Boy 
152 Kevin Blincoe B15andUP SBST Boy 
149 Alan Leggett B15andUP SBST Boy 
172 Brycen Schulze B15andUP SBST Boy 
807 Samuel Neill B15andUP STST Boy 
826 Reid Lambres B15andUP STST Boy 
815 Alec Lambres B15andUP STST Boy 
829 Tyler Cottrill B15andUP STST Boy 
851 Bryce Kortge B15andUP STST Boy 
659 Jake Brunson B15andUP SKY Boy 
668 Harold Henderson B15andUP SKY Boy 
679 Charlie Hersey B15andUP SKY Boy 
615 Kelly Atkinson B15andUP SVST Boy 
583 Alex Haggart B15andUP SVST Boy 
715 Moises McCulloch B15andUP ASC Boy 
1431 Michael Jahraus B13/14 NSTR Boy 
1441 Christian Liu B13/14 NSTR Boy 
1443 Raven Maccione B13/14 NSTR Boy 
1411 Cameron Smit B13/14 NSTR Boy 
1453 Charlie Smith B13/14 NSTR Boy 
1459 Justin Targett B13/14 NSTR Boy 
1402 Jack Cunningham B13/14 NSTR Boy 
1429 Jacob Falconer B13/14 NSTR Boy 
844 Max Schweitzer B13/14 STST Boy 
853 Alex Murray B13/14 STST Boy 
808 Grant Swift B13/14 STST Boy 
88 Jacob Goldsmith B13/14 AMST Boy 
89 Will Richardson B13/14 AMST Boy 
90 Nicholas Mizin B13/14 AMST Boy 
92 John Humphreys B13/14 AMST Boy 
93 Jackson Cardinal B13/14 AMST Boy 
94 Tate Phillips B13/14 AMST Boy 
917 Jon Waltz B13/14 FALC Boy 
887 Justin Wadsworth B13/14 TST Boy 
651 Spencer Ward B13/14 SKY Boy 
662 Harrison Park B13/14 SKY Boy 
672 Alex Hayes B13/14 SKY Boy 
657 Thomas Hayward B13/14 SKY Boy 
676 Noah Long B13/14 SKY Boy 
664 William Schreck B13/14 SKY Boy 
602 Dan Brown B13/14 SVST Boy 
624 Nicolas Leung B13/14 SVST Boy 
1440 Lucas Lepinard B11/12 NSTR Boy 
1412 Antonio Levaggi B11/12 NSTR Boy 
1417 Abraham Ryzhik B11/12 NSTR Boy 
1420 Ryan Sheffield B11/12 NSTR Boy 
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