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Fall Tilt in Telluride - 12 Hour, Downhill
Mtn. Village - CO - Mountain Village Bike Park
10/1/2011 8:00 AM

Competitor List¹print

                   2011 Fall Tilt in Telluride at Mountain Village 
12 Hour Downhill 
Competitor List by Bib Number 
Bib Class Name Team Hometown 
1 Open Men Solo SUTTON Ryan Ryan Sutton Rac Lahaina, HI 
2 Open Men Solo DYE Gary Bootdoctor/MVBP Telluride, CO 
4 Open Men Solo VERMETTE Joshua Durango, CO 
6 Open Men Solo MAHOWALD Michael Team DRM Phoenix, AZ 
7 Open Men Solo BISCHOFF Gary Nema/ Magura/ K Durango, CO 
8 Open Women Solo SCHERM Amy Ginger Snaps Vail, CO 
9 Open Women Solo JENSEN Sienna Pedal Pushers C Grand Junction, 
20 Amateur Men Sol ROLFS Theo Telluride, CO 
21 Amateur Men Sol REIMANN Jorn Telluride Gravi Telluride, CO 
22 Amateur Men Sol FRAHM Zach Evergreen Bicyc Lakewood, CO 
23 Amateur Men Sol HAZARD Jerry Airborne Bicycl Bayfield, CO 
24 Amateur Men Sol WELCH Andrew A Culture of Sp Evergreen, CO 
25 Amateur Men Sol JONES Bradley Telluride, CO 
26A Open Duo Team MARTIN Trevor Off the Couch R Telluride, CO 
26B Open Duo Team PINTO Cliff Off the Couch R Durango, CO 
27A Open Duo Team STEVENS Sam JandS Racing Carbondale, CO 
27B Open Duo Team NICHOLSON Joe JandS Racing Durango, CO 
28A Open Duo Team KLEBOLD Mason Ruby Canyon Grand Junction, 
28B Open Duo Team FRANCIS Josh Ruby Canyon Grand Junction, 
29A Open Duo Team GOSS Daniel Paragon/Bootdoc Telluride, CO 
29B Open Duo Team GEIS Milan Paragon/Bootdoc Telluride, CO 
41A Amateur Trio Te FAENZA Brian Buzzard Brother Fairplay, CO 
41B Amateur Trio Te CAMP Dan Buzzard Brother Crested Butte, 
41C Amateur Trio Te COTE Nathan Buzzard Brother Crested Butte, 
42A Amateur Trio Te THORNTON Broden Rasta Telluride, CO 
42B Amateur Trio Te PALMER Cedar Rasta Ophir, CO 
42C Amateur Trio Te ALBRECHT London Rasta Telluride, CO 
43A Amateur Trio Te PERPAR John Team Boot Docto Montrose, CO 
43B Amateur Trio Te PERPAR Tyler Team Boot Docto Montrose, CO 
43C Amateur Trio Te REEDER Shane Team Boot Docto Telluride, CO 
44A Amateur Trio Te HUNTER Maxwell Hank Walker Salt Lake City, 
44B Amateur Trio Te STUBBS Ryan Hank Walker Farmington, UT 
44C Amateur Trio Te IVIE Eric Hank Walker Farmington, NM 
45A Amateur Trio Te BLACK Adam Hipster Telluride, CO 
45B Amateur Trio Te PIERCE Michael Hipster Telluride, CO 
45C Amateur Trio Te YOUNGER Kevin Hipster Telluride, CO 
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